How to Rank High on Google without Backlinks

Rank without backlinks on Google
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Ranking on Google’s first page will help drive traffic to your site for free. Do you know that you can rank high on Google without backlinks? In this article, I will show a simple method on how to rank on Google’s first page without building links.

Backlinks are one of the important aspects of SEO. It is a ranking factor and helps to create authority, relevance and trust in the sight of search engines like Google. You can rank on Google’s first page and get traffic without building backlinks. This may sound impossible but it is very possible.

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Follow these steps to get it done:

1. Do Keyword Research

Keyword research can never be over-emphasised, it is very important to know what users are searching for and also to discover current trending keywords.

The goal of this keyword research is to get keywords that have low competition value. You can read this article on how to conduct keyword research to get insight.

2. Write Optimized Article

From the result, you got from the keyword research. Use it to create useful content. An optimized article should contain the keyword:

  1. Once in the title and meta title of your article.
  2. Once in your URL.
  3. Images, at least one.
  4. Video where necessary
  5. Use bullet points where necessary
  6. Use other related keywords in the article
  7. Keyword Density should be 1-2%

3. Do good SEO Content Silo

SEO content silo is simply a way of internal linking a group of posts/pages to a particular one (target page/post). So the principal components of a content silo are:

  1. A target page- This is the main page or post you want to rank high on Google.
  2. Supporting pages, as many as possible- as the name indicates, they support the target page to rank high on Google by linking to it.

For example, let’s say your target page is how to rank high on google without building links. Create about 4 or more pages or post on other related topics and make sure it is linked to each other including the target page.

seo content siol

Rules for Good Seo Content Silo by Kyle Roof From White Hat SEO Course

  1. The Target page should link to 2 of the supporting pages.
  2. Both the target and supporting pages shouldn’t link to any external page or post.
  3. The supporting pages should contain 1 link at the top to the target page and 1-2 links to other supporting pages

4. Get The Pages Indexed

The last thing to do is to make sure that both the target page and supporting pages are indexed. Without being indexed, all you have done is simply a waste of time.


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