Cheapest Domain Registrars in 2023: See Which is Best For You.

Cheapest domain Registrars
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Every website needs a domain name. It shows your credibility in the internet space. Moreover, people can easily find you on the web with it. Whether you own a large-scale, medium or small-sized business, it is important to have a domain name. Best Cheapest Domain Registrars

In this article, we are going to talk about the five Cheapest domain registrars you can use for your domain registration. All of them are listed based on their ease of use, customer support and of course their price. Furthermore, these domain registrars are accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), meaning that they could register names for different websites.

Below is the best domain registrar to use for your domain registration.

Best Cheap Domain Registrar

1. Namecheap

When it comes to the best price and customer support, Namecheap should be the first to come to your mind. It is accredited by ICANN and has been registering domain names over the years. The .com domain which is $12.98 is currently on sale for $8.88. Great! Isn’t it? The .net domain price is $12.98 and the .co domain is $25.98. The .co domain name is currently sold at $6.48. Namecheap isn’t just cheap on domain registration but also on web hosting (click the text to see the best hosting site you should use).

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Furthermore, you get to have domain privacy when you register a .com domain with Namecheap! meaning that you get privacy protection on your website for free. In terms of use, Namecheap is very easy to navigate.

If you want to make enquiries or complaints, Namecheap has a 24/7 life support chat. You can only chat with them. Calling is not available. However, most people prefer the life support chat to call.

2. Hover

Hover is a new domain registrar that is known for selling domain names associated with email accounts. They also offer the best price. You can get a .com domain name for $12.99, the .org domain name for $13.99 and the .net for $15.49. It depends on your choice. Hover is very easy to use. You can get through the checkout process with ease as there is no upsell of anything to you. You can also check out with your PayPal, Apple Pay or even your credit cards.

Furthermore, Hover offers email accounts packaged with any domain name you buy. It’s great if you need one for your business. You can reach them by phone, email and by live chat support

3. SiteGround

SiteGround is primarily known for web hosting but they do sell domain names as well. Their price usually starts from $15.95+ per year. If you are also looking for where to host your website, SiteGround is good for you. Their domain management is intuitive. Everything is laid out neatly and you won’t encounter much trouble when making your purchases.

Furthermore, they also offer web hosting and email hosting. You can contact them 24/7 through phone calls, email or live chat support. They have an extensive knowledge base; you could literarily ask any questions you want.

4. is not particularly known for selling domains. They offer different services and selling domain names is just one of them. It is very easy to use and the checkout process does not take your time. You can get the .com domain name for $9.99, the .co domain name for $6.99 and the .net domain name for $12.99.

Although they offer a variety of services, they do not upsell anything to you while checking out. However, it is difficult to reach out to them via phone calls, emails or live chat support. You might only be lucky to talk with them if you are a new customer

5. OVH

If you are looking for the number one domain registrar in Europe, OVH is the best choice. Because it is based in the UK, its prices are listed in pounds. You can get;

.com – £5.99
.eu – £1.79
.org – £7.79
.UK – £3.79

All domain names come with the following packages
1. Free email address (+5GB storage space)
2. Whois Obfuscator
3. Domain name system security extension
4. DNS Management

It is very easy to use but their customer service is too poor. It usually takes a while before you get a response from them.


Can You Register A Domain Name For Free/Can I get a domain for free?

Yes, you can.  Domain registrars, website hosting providers, and website builders offer free domain names. You can get it typically with the purchase of another service or at no cost. There are the ways to get a domain for free:

  1. Using web 2.0 sites (all web 2.0 sites), however, there are some limitations to using them. Here is the list of popular web 2.0 sites that offer free domain names
    • Wix – Wix is best for first-time website owners who are looking to start a small personal brand under the Wix subdomain. However, it is not recommended if you are interested in blogging regularly.
    • Weebly – Weebly is best for small online stores that might later turn into an eCommerce websites. It is used for those who want to try out building a website for the first time, and then use that experience to move to another platform such as CMS Hub
    • – WordPress is best for beginner-to-advanced bloggers who need a tried-and-true content publishing platform to launch their site. It offers free domains to its users.
    • Tumblr, Medium, LiveJournal, yola and so on.
  2. You can get a domain for free from the following domain registrars if you buy a hosting plan from them:
    • Namecheap
    • Bluehost
    • Godaddy
    • Hostinger
  3. Via the use of free domain registrars like and freenom (you can also register other domain extensions on this site. You can register a domain for free on this sites but only domain extensions with .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf and .gq

Do I Have To Pay Yearly For A Domain Name?

The simple answer is yes. You are renting a particular space in the cloud and so you have to pay for it. You do not permanently own it. They charge you yearly because they can.

How Long Does The Domain Name Last?

Domain names last for as long as your money is worth. You are only able to use a domain name for the period you registered it for. It could be one to 10 years. However, If you want to keep using the domain name and any of the services associated with it (like a website or email service) you need to renew the domain name registration before it expires.

Are Domain Names Worth Anything?

Yes, some domain names are worth a lot while some amount to nothing much. That’s a simple truth. However, there are plenty of domains that are worth or will be worth a substantial amount of money. More like the ones listed above. Today, some of the low-tier premium domains can sell for between $5,000-20,000 while good short domains and powerful category-defining ones can easily reach millions of dollars.

Can You Make Money Selling Domain Names?

Of course, yes. You can make money selling domain names. It all depends on your strategy. There are quite a few domain name millionaires who made a fortune by making smart domain investments at precisely the right time. Can you imagine the highest price ever paid for a domain name? It is nothing short of $345 million.

However, the rule to achieving such success is either by having to be extremely lucky or very, very patient. The best strategy is to invest in names at a low price and wait until their value increases before you sell domains to the highest bidder. These are long-term investments and the right purchase can change your whole life.

How Do You Cancel A Domain Name Registration?

Simply contact your registrar to find out your options for cancelling your domain name registration. In many cases, your domain name will expire on its own if you do not pay your domain name’s renewal fees. Remember, once you cancel a domain name registration it will most likely be made available for registration by someone else.

What if You Have Registered a Domain Name For 10 years But Want To Delete It Before It Expires?

Contact your Registrar if you would like to delete your domain name. Remember though that once you have deleted your domain name, it may be made immediately available for registration by someone else.

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