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Adsense Vs Propellerads [Compared] 8 Differences You Need to Know

Propellerads vs adsense
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Adsense and Propellerads are some of the ads networks bloggers use to earn money on their blogs. In this article, I will show the difference between Adsense and Propellerads, which one is really better.

These are the differences between Adsense and Propellerads

Approval Rate


Adsense approval is very difficult when compared to propeller ads. It takes a lot of work to get adsense approval for your site. These are what is required for approval:

  1. Quality content ( original content)
  2. It takes 24 hours to 2 weeks for approval (approval is not even guaranteed)
  3. Requires a certain amount of content to gain approval. See how to get Google Adsense approval very fast


Unlike Adsense, Propellerads approval is very easy to get.

  1. Any forms of content (even copied) except adult content are accepted.
  2. Approval in less than 24 hours
  3. No required amount of content. Even one article can get approval.

Winner: Propellerads

Payment method


  1. The minimum payment is $100
  2. Payment is only on the 21st of every month
  3. You can only receive payment either via wire transfer, Payoneer, or cheque depending on your country.


  1. Minimum withdrawal of $5
  2. Payment is every Thursday in the week
  3. You can choose out of the many ways to receive payment (Paypal, skrill, wire transfer, Payoneer) no matter your country of residence.

Winner: Propellerads

Ads Format


It has 6 ads formats to use namely;

  1. Display ads
  2. In-article ads
  3. In-feed ads
  4. Anchor ads
  5. Vignette ads
  6. Multiplex ads

Also, it has auto ads which is a combination of all the ads format and it automatically displays at any spot on your site.

Propeller ads

It has 7 ads formats to use namely;

  1. Onclick (Popunder)
  2. Push notifications
  3. In page push (banner)
  4. Interstitial
  5. Vignette
  6. Multi tag (all in one)
  7. Direct link

Multi tag is the combination of all the ads format except direct link.

Winner: Draw

User Friendliness

All Adsense ad formats are user-friendly while for propeller ads not all ads are user-friendly. Pop-under ads is the most annoying ad format to use because it can drive users away from your website.

Winner: Adsense

SupportĀ  System

The support system of Adsense is zero, In fact, there is no way to contact them when you encounter a problem. To solve a problem, you have to read through their FAQs of contents related to Adsense or read Adsense-based articles on other blogs.

For Propellerads, the case is quite different, they have a customer agent for any form of questions and advice. Their response rate is superb and responds in less than an hour.

Winner: Propellerads



The earnings are dependent on CPC (cost per click), country, traffic and niche. The higher they are, the better your earnings. Before you can earn on Adsense, you have to get clicks on ads being shown on your site.

Even if you get 1000 views on your site and didn’t get any clicks, you won’t earn. Even though earning is via CPC, there is a higher chance of earning bigger and faster with Adsense depending on your niche. A click can earn you up to $30.

For Propellerads, the case is different, you earn even without clicks on ads displayed on your site. Earning is via CPM (cost per impression) which is dependent on the country of the users.

The Earning rate is poor (the highest CPM is less than $10) compared to Google Adsense.

Also, you can earn via referrals by referring site owners to them.

Winner: Adsense

Banning of Account

You can lose your account at any time without warning using Adsense and their decision 97% of the time is final, with no consideration.

I hardly heard of the banning of accounts on Propellerads. Even if an account is banned, there is a high possibility of reactivating the account when you contact customer service.

Winner: Propellers

Niche Compatibility

Adsense is compatible with all niches except the adult niche. It can be used in movie and music download niches but you can risk the chance of getting banned and losing all your earnings.

Propellerads is also compatible with all niches except the adult niche. However, it is best used in downloads niches. You don’t need to be afraid of losing your users because it is 100% compatible with propellerads. Also, over 70% of download sites use it or its alternatives (Adsterra, pop ads, etc).

Winner: Adsense

Which Ad Network Should I Use

Well, that depends on your blog niche. If you are in the download niche, go with Propellerads and its alternatives, otherwise, go with Adsense.

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