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Casestudy: Does AI-Written Content Rank on Google

Does ChatGPT Content Rank On Google
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The ability for websites to rank on Google is the holy grail of online success. But with ever-evolving algorithms and fierce competition, content creators are constantly seeking new strategies. One such strategy gaining traction is AI-written content. But can it truly propel your website to the top ranks? This article analyses a case study of whether AI-written content can rank on Google.

Content Strategy:

  1. Niche: Lifestyle (Nigeria)
  2. Content-Type: AI-written
  3. AI used: Chatgpt
  4. Keyword Research: Surfer Chrome extension
  5. Keyword Focus: Low-volume local keywords (<1000 monthly searches).
  6. Publishing Frequency: 4-7 articles per month
  7. Backlinks: 1 link (not relevant to the niche)
  8. Testing Period:  28th September, 2023 to 11th of February, 2024


In September 2023, I started the casestudy to determine whether AI-written content using chatgpt could effectively rank on Google. I acquired a new domain with the .xyz extension, set up a WordPress CMS, and installed the necessary plugins. I was opting for the lifestyle niche with a focus on local content relevant to Nigeria. Then, I initiated the project with keyword research using the Surfer Chrome extension. Notably, I prioritized content creation regardless of search volume, publishing seven AI-written pieces within the first month.

Challenges and Solutions 


An immediate issue arose as the website faced indexing issues (Crawled and discovered that it was currently not indexed), with none of the content being indexed initially. Recognizing this as a common setback for new sites, I used a strategic solution by linking it to a high-traffic site of mine in November 2023.

This resulted in a significant surge in traffic (referral traffic) and subsequently led to the indexing of some content. By December 2023, over 50% of the content was successfully indexed, indicating progress in overcoming the initial challenge. See other ways to resolve this issue of Crawled and discovered currently not indexed.

Maintaining Reliability in AI-Generated Content

While leveraging the efficiency of AI-generated content, ensuring its factual accuracy and credibility demanded thoroughness. I addressed this potential data limitations via rigorous fact-checking process. This involved cross-referencing with diverse, reliable sources, consulting subject-matter experts, and utilizing advanced fact-checking tools. This ensured the content’s accuracy and build trust with readers.

Content Optimization

Despite being AI-generated, I ensured each piece underwent minor editing before publication, incorporating multimedia elements such as videos and images, and adding external links where necessary. Internal linking between articles was facilitated automatically using a WordPress plugin, streamlining the optimization process.

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Results and Analysis

Tracking the site’s performance via Google Search Console from 28th September to 11th of February, significant insights emerged:

Month Content Published Total Clicks Total Impressions
September 7 0 5
October 4 2 94
November 8 2 94
December 10 83 4.54k
January 7 143 6.96k
February 8 (and still counting) 45 (still counting) 2.27k (and still counting)

Does AI-Written Content Rank on Google


This case study provides evidence that AI-written content can rank on Google. However, several key factors influenced the results:

  • Backlink Strategy: The initial lack of indexing and subsequent traffic surge highlight the critical role of backlinks in establishing website authority and visibility.
  • Content Quality: While AI tools can generate grammatically correct text, minor editing and human intervention likely contributed to content quality and search ranking.
  • Keyword Targeting: Focusing on low-competition keywords facilitated ranking but resulted in lower potential traffic volume.


This case study demonstrates that AI-written content can be a viable tool for SEO, but several factors, including backlink strategy, content quality, and keyword selection, significantly impact results. For optimal success, AI content should be carefully edited, supplemented with human expertise, and supported by a well-rounded SEO strategy.

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