How Many Backlinks Per Day is Safe

How Many Backlinks Per Day is Safe
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There is confusion about how many Backlinks are safe per day to build to a site. In this article, We will answer the question of How Many Backlinks Per Day is Safe.

How many backlinks per day are Safe?

If you create 100,000 new backlinks in one day, will your site be marked by Google? Perhaps. Why? The Google Penguin update checks whether your backlinks are natural. So, if you generate 100,000 new backlinks in less than 24 hours, there’s a very good chance that those backlinks aren’t created naturally.

So, what can be considered an unnatural backlink? We’ve all seen gigs on Fiverr and other sites offering quick backlink services. For a fee, these people offer us a lot of new backlinks for our websites in a short period of time. However, are these suggestions really legitimate?

While they will probably be diligent in providing your website with backlinks, there is a very good chance that these backlinks will earn you a penalty.

Many of these “buy backlinks” offers use shady backlink strategies that are not against Google Guidelines. These backlinks will not be natural, and Google will quickly eliminate any positive effect they may have had on your site.

Creating backlinks naturally takes time. You can’t create backlinks out of thin air. There are many safe strategies for creating backlinks, each with its own methods and techniques, and it is natural that these safe backlinks are gradually added to your site.

In short, building backlinks quickly isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as the backlinks you create are high-quality and the strategies you use to create them are natural or spam free.

This is what Matt Cutts of Google said about this in the Video “Google Search Central

There’s no such thing as building too many links as long as you’re doing it in a great organic way. So let me give you a couple of examples think about sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg. Sites that people go to every day all day long they spend lots of time there people link to those sites because they find cool things there or they like the stuff that they see there.

So so that’s links that are editorially based they’re given on the basis of merit people link to these websites because they like them not because you know Digg emailed everybody and said hey I’ll trade links with you if you link back to me or Twitter said hey I’d like to buy some links from you and you can pass PageRank through them or anything like that.

The real objective of making a successful website is to make something that’s so awesome that you get the links basically for free. It’s word-of-mouth where people say ha, did you see this great site it’s called YouTube and you can watch videos and it’s really a lot of fun and they email each other around and you get viral word-of-mouth or buzz and people link to your site naturally.

That’s the sort of site that you want to build because if you can do that whether it be a fantastic blog or a funny website or whatever those links will come naturally and you won’t have to work for them nearly as hard.

So if those links are being attracted on their own on the basis of the merit or the interestingness of your website then get as many links as you can, there’s no reason whatsoever to worry and if you think about it, it’s not as if got some number of links and then we capped it.

It’s just the fact that you know as long as people want to link to Google, we’re happy to have those links so as long as you’re abiding by the guidelines as long as you’re doing things, that you know anybody else, including your competitors if they knew about, wouldn’t really be that worried about. I say get as many links as you can.

How Many Backlinks Per Day is Safe

Factors Affecting Safe Backlink Acquisition

Several factors influence the safe acquisition of backlinks. These include:

Website Authority

Backlinks from authoritative websites carry more weight in terms of SEO benefits and are considered safer. Authority for a website or page is how well it ranks on Google, as well as how much Google trusts that site.

Different people have created their own ways to assess the credibility of a website, but mostly it comes down to this: Does Google like this website or page?

A website that many people have naturally linked to, produces content that people enjoy reading, is well organized, and meets all the other requirements that Google is looking for, will be considered an authoritative website.

For example, Google counts sites .edu and they are very reputable. Getting just one of these types of backlinks can boost your ranking better than 100 backlinks from low-authority websites.

How Many Backlinks Per Day is SafeRelevance

Backlinks from websites in the same industry or niche are more valuable and safer.  For a backlink to be useful for your site’s SEO, it must be relevant. This means that if you run a cat care website, the backlink from the PC repair website won’t really help you. In fact, it could be harmful.

Because Google searches for natural backlinks, it is suspicious of websites that link to other sites on unrelated topics. This means that these backlinks will not carry much weight for you and may actually subject you to a penalty if you have many of them.

A quick way to find relevant websites is to use a This site gives you an idea of websites that are similar to your own. another way is to search on Google with a relevant keyword of your niche, on the SERPs will see websites related to yours.

Link Diversity

Having a diverse of backlinks from different sources, such as blogs, image sites, social bookmarking, Video submission sites forums, social media, and news sites, is safer than relying on a single source. I have always emphasized getting different types of backlinks for a site in my Youtube Videos.

So, as part of your backlink strategy, make sure that you are accessing multiple websites. This ensures that your backlinks will come from different websites, not the same ones.

Link Quantity vs. Quality: What is really important?

Quality backlinks from reputable sites are more valuable and safe compared to low-quality or spammy backlinks. With each new update regarding backlinks, Google shows that they place much more importance on quality than quantity.

In fact, a website with fewer backlinks may actually rank higher than a website with more backlinks, simply because its small number of backlinks is of very good quality.

Google’s goal is to make it easier for users to search. They want to match your content with the right search keyword and make sure that both parties are happy.

So, while a large number of backlinks is important, Google will first check to see if these backlinks are spam.

Here’s the bottom line: if you bought 1,000 spam backlinks in one day, you probably would have to be penalized by Google. If you naturally generate 1,000 high-quality backlinks in one day, you won’t be penalized.


While there isn’t a specific number of backlinks per day that guarantees safety, it’s essential to prioritize quality, relevance, and natural growth when building backlinks.  By following best practices and monitoring your backlink profile, you can build a strong and safe backlink profile that enhances your website’s visibility and authority.

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