Free wordpress setup service

Free WordPress Blog Setup Service

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Do you want to start a blog? If you are worried about the technicality involved to set up everything, then this Free Blog Setup Service will be a perfect choice for you.

All you need to do is, purchase a domain (read this guide on how to choose a domain for your site) and a web hosting plan from our recommended web hosting sites. We’ll take care of everything to get you started immediately which includes;

Free Blog Setup Service Benefits

  1. WordPress Installation: We’ll install self-hosted WordPress software with the right configurations needed for running it.
  2. Design: We will help pick the best WordPress theme that is suitable for your blog depending on the niche you chose.
  3. SEO Optimized: We understand that the success of every blog starts from the on-page SEO. We will help optimize your blog for ranking high on search engines. We will do this by installing and proper setup of Rank math plugin and other important SEO plugins.
  4. Security: A great site is a well-secured site. A hacked site results decease in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). We will add plugins to protect your site from being hacked.
  5. Speed: We will help speed up your site for a good user experience
  6. Mentorship: We will provide free 1 month of mentorship. We will hold you by the hand and mentor you on what to do in the first month of starting your blogging journey. Which includes,
    1. Types of content to focus on
    2. Types of links you should build from day one
    3. How to properly interlink your articles for good performance on search engine
    4. How to generate traffic from day one and so much more.
    5. The best method to monetize your blog to start making money.

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How to Get This Free Blog Setup Service

Get a Domain and Hosting account;

In order to get this FREE Blog Setup Service, you should signup with any of our recommended web hosting sites by clicking on the link. Make you go to the websites of the hosting via the links on our blog.

Note: Only new hosting accounts initiated using the link are qualified for the FREE Blog Setup Service.

Why is this Service Free

We are affiliate partner of the recommended web hosting. So, if you sign up with them using our link, we will earn some commission for referral at no extra cost to you. That is why, this blog setup service is absolutely free.

Why Choose Us

We are very knowledgeable with WordPress sites and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Below are some of the sites we have worked on and still working on.

Free Blog Setup Service

First Site

Free WordPress Blog Setup Service

Second Site


Free WordPress Blog Setup Service

Third Site

To take advantage of this Free Blog Setup Service, contact us via contact form or email.


How long will it take to set up my blog?

Once, we get the required details, we will set up your blog within 72hours or less. After the setup, it is highly recommended to change your login details for security reasons.