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how to index backlinks fast
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Backlinks are totally useless and a waste of time if they are not indexed (not found by Google). Getting backlinks indexed fast in Google isn’t difficult. In this article, I will learn how to index your backlinks very fast in Google using these methods I will share.

Whether you build profile links, web 2.0 Properties, Article Links, Forum Links, or Blog Comments. Use all or any of the following methods to get your backlinks indexed,

1. Ping Your Backlinks

You can ping your backlinks using ping sites. They are also called backlinks indexers which can also be used to index blog posts. These sites help to notify the search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo) about a newly created post and backlinks. These sites have paid and free versions.

Free Backlinks Indexer Tools

1. Free Backlinks

Using this site is very easy.

  1. Visit the site using your phone or PC browser.
  2. Add backlinks (URL) you want to index and also the anchor text.
  3. Finally, click on start pinging. The submission to over 10 sites (less than 20).

You can only submit one URL at a time.

2. Prepost SEO

Prepost SEO works like the previous indexer tool. The only difference is, you can index up to 50 urls at the same time and you cannot add anchor text.

  1. Visit Prepostseo using your phone or PC browser.
  2. Add URL you want to index.
  3. Finally, click on Ping Now. The submission is to over 50 sites.

3. Pingomatic

Pingomatic, unlike Prepost SEO, it can be used to index one URL at a time and submits to just only 4 sites.

  1. Visit Pingomatic using your phone or PC browser.
  2. Add the URL you want to index
  3. Finally, click on Send pings.

4. Total Ping

Total ping allows one URL submission at a time and submits to 48 sites.

5. Ping Farm

Ping Farm works like Prepost SEO, it allows the submission of multiple URLs at a time.

Paid Backlinks Indexer Tools

1. Indexification

This is how Indexification works:

  1. They Shorten Your Links
  2. Then Ping Each Single Link individually
  3. Create and ping Content Pages with your links on some of the sites they own.
  4. Create and ping RSS Feeds with your backlinks on some of the sites they own.
  5. Create and ping XML Sitemaps with Your backlinks on some of the sites they own.

You can submit 50,000 links per day which sum up to 1.5 million links for $17.97 per month.

2. Lindexed

The Lindexed service works in pretty much exactly the same way as Indexification. They use the same indexing methods except they have a unique feature called PingCloud.

However, it cost $24.97 a month to submit 50,000 links per day.

3. OneHourIndexing

OneHourIndexing is another indexer service to use. It cost $8.5 (then $17 per month) for 1,000 links per day, $23.50 (then $47 per month) for 10,000 links per day, $48.50 (then $97 per month) for 30,000 links per day and $497 for 200k links per day.

2. Create Links To Your Backlinks

Another way to make Google notice your backlinks is by building links to your backlinks. These links are known as tier 2 links. Building links to your backlinks not only helps to get them indexed but also makes them powerful.

3. Use Web 2.0 (Blogger)

Web 2.0 still works well not just to get backlinks indexed but also to create links to your site and to your backlinks. Google tends to crawl web 2.0 on a regular basis because it is the property of Google.

4. Use your WordPress Site

This is quite easy to do.

  1. Copy the links you want to get index.
  2. Create a new page or use an existing page
  3. Then paste the URLs on the page.
  4. Finally copy the URL of the page and submit it to GSC inspection tool for indexing.

5. Use Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking sites are great for indexing backlinks. Not just that, it can help to drive traffic to your site when properly used. I have compiled a list of high DA social bookmarking sites you can use to get this work done.

Just like social bookmarking sites, blog commenting sites can help in the fast indexing of links and also blog posts. This is a list of do-follow blog commenting sites you should use.


How Long Does it take For Backlinks to be Indexed

It depends on the type of backlinks you built and the type of link indexer you use. It takes 2 days and up to 6 months for backlinks to be indexed.

What of Type Of Links Indexes Fast

  1. A contextual link gotten from a high DA site
  2. Links gotten from sites that get huge traffic whether it has low or high DA
  3. Links that get clicks.

What is the Best Free Backlinks Indexer

  1. Use Blog commenting sites
  2. Social Bookmarking sites
  3. Use WEB 2.0 (Blogger)

What is the Best Link Indexing Service

  1. Indexification
  2. one hour indexing

How to Check Indexed Backlinks on Google

1. Google Search Console

Go to your GSC>>>links>>>Top linking sites. The only limitation with using GSC is, that it doesn’t show all the links.

2. Google Search Result Page

Copy the URL you want to check. Paste and search on the Google search page. If it returns no result, it means it has not been indexed.

3. Use Backlink Checker Tools

There are a lot of link checker tools, they are:

  1.  Ahrefs
  2. Moz
  3. Semrush
  4. Majestic

How Many Backlinks per day/month is Safe

It depends on the site’s age and traffic. 3-5 links are safe per week for any type of sites and 12-20 links are safe per month.

How many Backlinks Do I need to Rank?

The number of backlinks to rank high on Google is dependent on the average number of links of sites ranking on Google’s first page for a particular keyword. All you need to do is replicate the links or get better ones.

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