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Free Google Adsense Approval Service

Google adsense approval service
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Getting Google Adsense Approval is no longer easy as it was. Are you searching for Google Adsense approval service for your blog/site? Then this service is for you.

I will get your site ready for Google Adsense approval very fast. Your niche doesn’t matter.

Let me take you back to what Google AdSense was like before 2018.

Getting Google AdSense approval was quite very easy.

  1. It only takes less than 3days to know if your application will be approved. If it exceeds 3days without a response from Google, then be rest assured that the application must be approved. Interesting, isn’t it? Unlike now, it takes about 7-21days before you will get an approval or rejection mail. That’s very sad.
  2. You only need one site to be reviewed, once it passes the review. You can add as many sites as you like without being reviewed. That was stopped due to abuse. Site owners add Adsense code add to all sorts of sites.
  3. No ID verification and tax in any account and many more.


Why Choose Me?

A wise man once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.

  • I am reliable and honest
  • I am a Google Adsense expert
  • 100% satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Gotten approval for several sites including this site.


Service Packages

  1. We will evaluate your site for free and tell you what to fix in order to get Adsense approval. To qualify for this offer, all you need to are:
    1. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and like Facebook Page.
    2. After doing that, send an email to with proof and your site URL.
    3. Your request will be answered within 72 hours.
  2. We solve any related Adsense issues.
  3. We work on your site until it is approved.


How to Order for the Service Via Fiverr

You can contact us via and pay via Paypal.

Alternatively, you can order via our Fiverr account

Do you buy Adsense approved websites?

I don’t buy rather I sell approved Google Adsense accounts (mostly Nigeria and UK accounts).

How Long Will It take to Get Approval

Well, it varies, sometimes it is unpredictable. The goal is to keep reapplying after each rejection. For Ideapify, it got rejected 13 times in 3 months (each rejection was after 14days). However, on the 14th time, it got approved in less than 3days.
Some sites, I have worked on, took lesser time to be approved, and some took longer.

What  is the Price Of Google Adsense Account 

It is actually free but if you need already approved ones by Google AdSense experts, you have to pay. The price varies.

What Niche Do You Work On

We work on all niches including music and movie niches except the adult niche.


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