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We Found Some Policy Violations On Your Site | Adsense Fix

We Found Some Policy Violations On Your Site adsense fix
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Over 80% of Adsense approval depends on the content of your blog. In this article, I will show you how to fix “We found some policy violations on your site, We can’t serve ads on your site until you fix these issues”.

We found some policy violations on your site, We can’t serve ads on your site until you fix these issues is the worst and most annoying response I ever got from Google Adsense because there is no specific reason for the rejection. I mean how do I resolve a problem I don’t even know the cause, that’s another problem itself.

Causes of Policy Violation

1. Content

This is the main reason for Adsense approval and rejection. Make your content follow all Google content policies like:

  1. Advertisements
  2. Dangerous content
  3. Deceptive practices
  4. Harassing content
  5. Hateful content
  6. Manipulated media
  7. Medical content
  8. Regulated goods
  9. Sexually explicit content
  10. Terrorist content
  11. Violence & gore
  12. Vulgar language & profanity

Read detailed info about these policies

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2. Nothing

You read that right, it’s nothing. Absolutely nothing. Most times it’s nothing, just that Google refuse to get your site approved for some reasons best known to them. The first time I got this response, I had to read through all Google content policies and guidelines to make sure I follow them but I don’t see anyone I defaulted.

How to Fix Policy Violation

  1. Check your content, and edit or remove contents that violate Google content policy.
  2. Write more useful and unique content
  3. Writing more valuable and unique content.
  4. Remove copyrighted contents and images.

Most of the time, I usually get this response after I have resolved any of these content-related issues:

If you keep getting the same response, keep requesting for review. What this means is you have met all content policies but your site isn’t still ready for Adsense for reasons best known to Google. Just keep adding more content and reapply.

You can order my Google Adsense Approval service if you want me to get it done.


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