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6 Reasons You Will Never Make Money Online

Reasons You Will Never Make Money Online
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Making money online gives the opportunity to be independent and it is fun. Making money online is easy if you learn and do the right thing. Do you desire to make money online but it isn’t yielding results? Below are the reasons you will never make a dime online no matter how hard you try.

1. Lack of knowledge

6 Reasons You Will Never Make Money Online

This is the major reason beginners will never make money online. You have to be willing to learn, relearn and unlearn.

What you know is more important than money. You can make money online without money but you never make money online without Knowledge.

You may say “I have great knowledge (most in-demand skill) but I am not making money online”. This means you have limited knowledge. Your knowledge has to be versatile. You need to learn other skills like marketing (advertising). Learning to market your skill is very important in trying to make money online. Even bad service/product sells out with the right marketing. For example, if you are into blogging, there are a lot of blogs to read in order to improve your blog or youtube channels learn how to build quality backlinks, get Google Adsense approval and so on. Just keep learning and improve your skill.

2. Impatience

6 Reasons You Will Never Make Money Online

This is another reason newbies/beginners give up on making money online. They lack the staying power. You wish to get in 6months what it takes someone 6 years to make. A young man once asked a great and famous older man, “How can I make a name for myself in the world and become successful?” The great and famous man replied, “you have to decide upon what it is you want and then stay with it.” Success is found by holding on long after others have to let go.

You must commit yourself to a dream until it produces your anticipated results.

No matter how hard you work or what you know. Some things are going to take time to achieve. So give it time. See it as a seed being planted, a seed does not become a tree overnight. There is a time for everything, while you wait, develop yourself to be better than you were.

Lack of patience can lead to desperation and desperation can lead to taking actions you will regret and mistakes. I have ruined some of my chances of making money online in the past due to impatience and lack of knowledge.


3. Lack of Focus

6 Reasons You Will Never Make Money Online

Don’t be Jack of all trades, master to none. Rather be master of one trade, then diversify.

There is also a saying that if you chase two rabbits both will escape. This is what so many people seem to do. They don’t focus their attention and as a result they become ineffective. Concentrate on a good skill first.


4. No Mentor

6 Reasons You Will Never Make Money Online

Mentors are people who show you the path to your success; they are role models, people you look up to. There is nothing new under the sun, so find out those who have gone ahead of you in the area you wish to earn online and link up with them; you need role models to play your role well.

Isaac Newton said, if I have seen any farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of those who have gone ahead of me.” They are people who have been where you are about to go, so they are there to show you the way and help you not to make the same mistakes they made while trying to get there

Having a mentor can really help you speed up the time to make money online. A mentor can be physical or online. A mentor will guide you on what to do in order to avoid mistakes he/she made.

Making money online is easy when you have someone who have being and is still where you want to go.

You don’t necessarily need to have a close relationship with someone before you make them your mentor. Choose someone successful in the skill you wish to pursue. Read their books or blog post, watch their videos and buy their courses. Do all you can to dog into their wealth of knowledge and apply it to your life. (Excerpt from The Secrets of Champions by Ebuka I. Ewuzie).

I do have a lot SEO experts I follow, buy their courses and ask questions. You should do the same.

Do this if you want to be mentored by me.

5. Incontinency

6 Reasons You Will Never Make Money Online

In life, it takes time for efforts to pay off. If you give up too early and stop nurturing your dream regularly, pruning, watering and fertilizing, it will never yield fruit (Ebuka I. Ewuzie).

What you do daily really counts and not what you do once a week or month. You need to have daily goals, it can be to share your services on social media or on forums and so on.

6. Wanting Everything Free

To make money online, you need to learn how to invest. Some knowledge can’t be gotten for free. You need money to make more money, for example, Adsense arbitrage, blogging, marketing and so on. The right Investment can help speed up the rate to make money.

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