Best Free Blogging Apps For Android & iPhone

Best free apps for android and iPhone
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According to research , mobile app downloads continue to increase year-over-year, from 140.6 billion in 2016 to 218 billion in 2020. I used my mobile phone frequently when im not with my laptop. Do you want apps for easy blogging with your phone? In this article, I will show 20 mobile apps you need that will make blogging on mobile worth while.

Most of the task which can be done on PC, can also be done on your mobile phone using these free apps.

Top 25 Blogging Apps to use in 2022

1. WordPress Mobile App

This is a must have app for those using the WordPress platform.  It combines a lot of features in it like:

  1. Create, edit, delete and schedule of blog post. Also you can set featured image
  2. You can see stats of your site. Number of visitors and views, their countries, links clicked on your site and referrals ( means through which your blog was found).
  3. Install, activate and deactivate themes and plugins.
  4. Add users to your blog as contributor, editor, Author or administrator.
  5. Change the title and tagline of your blog
  6. Add tags and categories
  7. Approve, Reply or delete comments
  8. See and read other blogs which uses WordPress

Download For Android or IOS


2. Blogger App

Blogger is a free blogging platform by own by Google. You should use the blogger app if you create a blog with the platform. Unlike WordPress Mobile App, Blogger app has limited functionalities which are: 

  1. You can write new articles
  2. Edit previous articles
  3. Delete Articles and 
  4. Switch to any other blogspot account you own.

Download Blogger app for Android. There is no official Blogger app for ios, however you can use this Blogger Plus.


3. Facebook

Get the most out of Facebook, join Facebook groups or build one if you can and create a page for your blog. 

Download Facebook app for Android and for iOS

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is one the largest social platforms you can get free traffic to your blog. Join boards related to your niche for effective results.

Download Pinterest app for Android and for iOS.

5. Medium

medium free blogging site

It is a free app, you can post, promote your content and also get free powerful backlink for your website. 

Download Medium app for Android and for iOS.

6. LinkedIn

Linkedin is just Facebook but it specializes on professional networking and career development, and also it permits job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs or services they render. To get wider reach, join groups and create pages for your site

Download Medium app for Android and for iOS.


7. Gmail

Gmail is a free email service provided by Google. It is very important you have the app on your mobile phone so that you wouldn’t miss out on any important email. You can also add your yahoo mail and any other email accounts on the app.

Download Gmail app for Android and for iOS.


8. Tumblr

Tumblr Free blogging APP sites

Tumblr is a 2 in one platform. It is a free blogging platform and also a social networking platform all in one place. With Tumblr app, you can:

  1. Connect a custom domain to Tumblr
  2. Post articles in full
  3. Post images,audio and gif
  4. Follow Tumblr account you love
  5. Gain followers

Download Tumblr app for Android and for iOS.

9. Reddit

This platform is mostly dominated by residents of United States, Canada and United Kingdom. It is a great site to socialize with other bloggers, post your contents and gain backlink. Join Reddit groups for better experience.

Download Reddit app for Android and for iOS.


10. Quora

On this app, you can easily request for answers for the questions you ask. Also, you can provide answers for the questions other users ask with a link to your site. Do not add link to every question you answer on Quora, else your answer will be deleted.

Download Quora app for Android and for iOS.


11. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a messaging app. You need to drive traffic to your blog via status and group.

Download Quora app for Android and for iOS.


12. Telegram

Telegram is a messaging app just like Whatsapp but has better group size (Telegram allows 200,000 people while Whatsapp allows 256 people in a group)

What I love about telegram ability to create channel and the group can contain 

Download Telegram app for Android and for iOS.


13.Google Docs

Google docs is great for writing. What I love about this app is, it corrects any grammatical error on your article.

Download Google Docs app for Android and for iOS.


14. Google Sheets

Google Sheets is great for keeping records of the links you build.

Download Google Sheets app for Android and for iOS.

15. Pixabay

Pixabay is one of the best app to download copyright free images you can use for your blog. You can also download videos, music tracks and the part is, they are Free to use. 

Download For Pixabay for Android And iOS

16. Scoop it

Great for getting backlink to your site. All you have to do is, copy the link of your blog and Scoop it (go to the site, you will see a box to add your link). You can scoop up to 10 links on a Scoop account.

Download For Scoop it for Android And iOS

17. YouTube

Best video platform in the world. It’s a must have app for every blogger. You can watch detailed tutorial for your blogging advancement on this platform.

Download Youtube for Android And iOS

18. Google Analytics

Great app to have on your mobile to views your Site’s stats. Know what pages visitors visit, how long they stay on the page/site, how are users are currently on your site and much more.

Download Google Analytics for Android And iOS

19. Canva

This is a great app for creating blog banner, featured image YouTube thumbnail, infographics and any design related stuff. Canva is free to use but has advance featured like background removal, background, etc for premium users.

Download Canva for Android And iOS


It is used for quick removal of background on images. 

Download for Android And iOS

21. Meta Ads Manager

Formerly known ads Facebook ads manager. It is an official app from Facebook for creating and managing of ads using your mobile phone.

Download Meta Ads Manager for Android And iOS

22. PayPal

This is a financial app. PayPal is one the popular financial site in the world. You use PayPal as a means for payment in almost all payment sites like hosting sites, premium themes sellers and so on. You can also recieve money using PayPal but it has been restricted in some countries because of fraud.

Download Paypal for Android And iOS

23. Payoneer

This is just like PayPal, but not that as popular as Paypal. There are no restrictions, you can send and receive money using your Payoneer account. The only disadvantage is, you can’t use as a means of payment unless you use their atm card.

Download Payoneer for Android And iOS


24. Fiverr

Fiverr is one the best freelance sites you can order or render any form of services as a blogger like WordPress blog setup services, ads management, SEO writing, web development and so on. Never order SEO services like link building from Fiverr if you don’t have good knowledge of SEO.

The irony part of it, is after ordering the service, there might be increase in your organic traffic for while and thereafter a tremendous decrease or worst, you will never rank. Most link building sellers there don’t own a website or blog. So they don’t really know how frequently or how many links should be built to a page. Some use bots and old (outdated) practices of link building.

Download Fiverr for Android And iOS

25. SEOClerk

SEOClerk is just Fiverr, you can buy and sell your services. Just as the name indicated, it specializes on SEO related services like SEO writing, link building and so on.

Download Fiverr for Android, no ios app

26. Anchor

Anchor is a podcast app owned by Spotify. These are the features of this app:

  1. You add background tracks, transitions, and sound effects from their in built audio library.
  2. Record with up to 4 guests or co-hosts, wherever they are in the world.
  3. You can share your podcast to other Podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and so on.
  4. Views stats of your podcast listeners according to their demographics.
  5. Best of all, you can make money every time, any time people listen.

Download Anchor for Android And iOS

Best Blogging Apps for Beginners

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger
  3. Facebook
  4. Pinterest
  5. Medium
  6. Linkedin
  7. Tumblr
  8. Reddit
  9. Quora
  10. Whatsapp
  11. Telegram
  12. Scoop it
  13. Google Analytics
  14. Canva
  15. Meta Ads Manager
  16. Anchor
  17. Paypal

Can I start blogging with an Android phone?

Yes, you can. Just download some of these apps I have listed and start your blogging journey but make sure your Android phone version is at least 5.0.

Is there a WordPress app?

WordPress for Android is a app for WordPress users. The app has a lot of functionalities in it. You can write, edit, delete, schedule post. You can install plugins and themes, view site’s stats using the app.

Can I use WordPress on iPhone?

WordPress has an app in the iOS store, you can download it and use it on your  iPad,iPhone.

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